This content was tested and the description by right of Trainz Simulator 2012.
You can find the content on the following link:

Kuid: <kuid2:439337:101428:2>

Author: msgsapper

For the proper working you must download the following contect from DLS:
Logs Stack 8.7m Product Load ver 1 DES <kuid:101046:103308> davesnow
Logs Stack 6m Product Load ver 1 DES <kuid:101046:103306> davesnow
Logs Stack 4.2m Product Load ver 1 DES <kuid:101046:103304> davesnow
Pallet Bin Apples Stack of Three <kuid:439337:101262> msgsapper
SAP Lightly Rusted Track Wood SG <kuid2:439337:101248:2> msgsapper
Tissue Paper Boxed on Pallet <kuid:439337:100619> msgsapper
Paperboard Stacked on Pallet <kuid:439337:100618> msgsapper
Hydrogen Peroxide Tankload <kuid:439337:100617> msgsapper
Paper Pulp on Pallet <kuid:473136:1156> johnnyc1
Wood Pulp (Bulk) <kuid2:473136:1159:1> johnnyc1
Recycled Paper (Bail) <kuid:473136:1322> johnnyc1
Product Sulfuric Acid <kuid:438196:1682> keimei
40ft logstack <kuid2:86661:9440306:1> slugsmasher
Sawdust <kuid2:81150:177:1> winnaa
Copy Paper <kuid:58223:41007> ish6


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