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Kuid: <kuid2:323914:27000:1>
Author: proconfaust

For the proper working you must download the following contect from DLS:
Trailer Tanker Caltex Product <kuid2:97008:60571:2> williem2
Trailer Tanker Parmalat Product <kuid2:97008:60570:2> williem2
Trailer Tanker Agip Product <kuid2:97008:60569:2> williem2
Trailer Tanker Amoco Product <kuid2:97008:60568:2> williem2
Trailer Tanker Neumann Product <kuid2:97008:60567:2> williem2
Trailer Tanker Red Gold Product <kuid2:97008:60566:2> williem2
Trailer Tanker Apollo Product <kuid2:97008:60565:2> williem2
Trailer Tanker Anipro Product <kuid2:97008:60562:2> williem2
Trailer QR-National Product <kuid2:97008:60564:2> williem2
Trailer Nolans Product <kuid2:97008:60563:2> williem2
Trailer Tesco Product <kuid2:97008:60560:2> williem2
Trailer Powers product <kuid2:97008:60559:2> williem2
Trailer Tanker BP Fuel Product <kuid2:97008:60558:1> williem2
Trailer Liquid Container Product <kuid2:97008:60557:2> williem2
Trailer Jack Daniels Product <kuid2:97008:60556:2> williem2
Trailer Heineken Product <kuid2:97008:60555:2> williem2
Trailer Eddie Stobart Product <kuid2:97008:60553:2> williem2
Trailer NTFS product <kuid2:97008:60554:2> williem2
Trailer Cargobull Product <kuid2:97008:60551:2> williem2
Trailer OZ Tanker Shell Product <kuid2:97008:60669:2> williem2
Trailer OZ Tanker Caltex Product <kuid2:97008:60671:2> williem2
Trailer OZ Tanker Amoco Product <kuid2:97008:60668:2> williem2
Trailer OZ Tanker Neumann Product <kuid2:97008:60667:2> williem2
Trailer OZ Tanker Apollo Product <kuid2:97008:60665:2> williem2
trailers <kuid2:97008:10029:2> williem2
Trailer DHL Product <kuid2:376111:100095:1> oec
Trailer Hofer Product <kuid:376111:100086> oec
Trailer DPD Product <kuid2:376111:100115:1> oec
DS Modalohr-Trailers <kuid2:323914:100106:1> proconfaust
Trailer Billa Product <kuid2:323914:90006:1> proconfaust
Trailer Andresen Product <kuid2:323914:90007:1> proconfaust
Tank Trailer Anhalt Logistics <kuid2:376111:100181:2> oec
Trailer U.T.C. Product <kuid2:414637:1260014:1> utc
Trailer Tank Shell Produc <kuid2:376111:100186:1> oec
Trailer Tanker Ravensberger Product <kuid2:414637:1260012:1> utc
Trailer Tanker Warsteiner Product <kuid2:414637:1260013:1> utc
Tank Trailer ARAL Alles Super <kuid2:376111:100185:1>  oec
Tank Trailer oec Logistics <kuid2:376111:100183:1> oec
Tank Trailer oec Logistics <kuid2:376111:100182:1> oec
Trailer Gr.Moulins de Strasbourg Product <kuid2:414637:1260011:1> utc
DS Trailer Zapf-Umzuege product <kuid2:323914:90005:1>  proconfaust
Trailer WRAG Product <kuid2:414637:1260010:1> utc
OEC Trailer DHL Worldwide Logistics Product <kuid2:376111:100116:1> oec
Trailer Hasseroeder Product <kuid2:414637:1260007:1> utc
Trailer Ferrari Product <kuid2:414637:1260008:1> utc
Trailer Rhone-Poulenc Product <kuid2:414637:1260004:1> utc
Trailer Rothmans Product <kuid2:414637:1260006:1> utc
Trailer Militzer+Muench Product <kuid2:414637:1260005:1> utc
Trailer Smak Brabant Frigo Product <kuid2:414637:1260003:1> utc
Trailer Ruegenfisch Product <kuid:323914:90002>  proconfaust
Trailer Philadelphia Frigo Product <kuid2:414637:1260002:1> utc
Trailer Aldi Product <kuid2:97008:60561:1> willem2
Trailer Refrigerated Product <kuid2:97008:60552:2> willem2
QR Sgl 3'6 Track Lite 4m <kuid:103179:6421> chuffbuff


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