This content was tested and the description by right of Trainz Simulator 2012. You can find the content on the following link:

Kuid: <kuid2:149987:9107:1>
Author: Vendel

For the proper working you must download the following contect from DLS:
FMA2 container mesh lib 2: <kuid2:149987:9998:1> vendel
FMA2 container mesh lib 1: <kuid2:149987:9999:1> vendel
FMA2 45Ft SAMSKIP curtainsider: <kuid2:149987:9024:1> vendel
FMA2 45Ft VOS curtainsider: <kuid2:149987:9023:1> vendel
FMA2 45Ft curtainsider mix3: <kuid2:149987:9022:1> vendel
FMA2 20Ft LKW WALTER curtainsider: <kuid2:149987:9021:1> vendel
FMA2 20Ft DHL curtainsider: <kuid2:149987:9020:1> vendel
FMA2 45Ft LKW WALTER curtainsider: <kuid2:149987:9019:1> vendel
FMA2 45Ft DHL curtainsider: <kuid2:149987:9018:1> vendel
FMA2 30Ft swap body mix: <kuid2:149987:9017:1> vendel
FMA2 20Ft flat rack: <kuid2:149987:9016:1> vendel
FMA2 45Ft ARCESE curtainsider: <kuid2:149987:9015:1> vendel
FMA2 20Ft HANGARTNER swap body: <kuid2:149987:9014:1> vendel
FMA2 45Ft HANGARTNER curtainsider: <kuid2:149987:9013:1> vendel
FMA2 20Ft ANSORGE swap body: <kuid2:149987:9012:1> vendel
FMA2 45Ft ANSORGE curtainsider: <kuid2:149987:9011:1> vendel
FMA2 45Ft EWALS curtainsider: <kuid2:149987:9010:1> vendel
FMA2 20Ft FERCAM swap body: <kuid2:149987:9009:1> vendel
FMA2 20ft WETRON swap body: <kuid2:149987:9008:1> vendel
FMA2 45Ft TTS curtainsider, flat rack: <kuid2:149987:9006:1> vendel
FMA2 45Ft FERCAM curtainsider: <kuid2:149987:9005:1> vendel
FMA2 45ft CENTRUM curtainsider: <kuid2:149987:9004:1> vendel
HOTT mesh Train end: <kuid2:9999:60028:3> hottrainz
FMA2 45ft WETRON curtainsider: <kuid2:149987:9003:1> vendel
FMA2 20Ft swap body mix: <kuid2:149987:9000:1> vendel
FMA2 45Ft curtainsider mix1: <kuid2:149987:9001:1> vendel
FMA2 45Ft curtainsider mix2: <kuid2:149987:9002:1> vendel

For this content you will find every dependeces in the following post:
Fma2 20ft Ansorge swap body Fma2 20ft DHL curtainsider Fma2 20ft Fercam swap body Fma2 20ft flat rack Fma2 20ft Hangartner swap body Fma2 20ft LKW Walter curtainsider Fma2 20ft swap body mix Fma2 20ft Wetron swap body
Fma2 30ft swap body mix FMA2 45ft ansorge curtainsider FMA2 45ft arcese curtainsider FMA2 45ft centrum curtainsider FMA2 45ft curtainsider mix1 FMA2 45ft curtainsider mix2 FMA2 45ft curtainsider mix3 FMA2 45ft DHL curtainsider
FMA2 45ft ewals curtainsider FMA2 45ft fercam curtainsider FMA2 45ft Hangartner curtainsider FMA2 45ft LKW Walter curtainsider FMA2 45ft samskip curtainsider FMA2 45ft TTS curtainsider flat rack FMA2 45ft vos curtainsider FMA2 45ft wetron curtainsider

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