PKP RES 424Z 091-0

This content was tested and the description by right of Trainz Simulator 2012.
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Kuid: <kuid2:309724:1012:2>
Author: adikson

Packet contains:
PCS - Agriculture machines <kuid2:438004:60019:2> qcyk85
PCS - Logs stack 4.2m <kuid2:438004:60018:2> qcyk85
PCS - Logs stack 2.7m <kuid2:438004:60017:2> qcyk85
PCS - Steel Slab 30 tons <kuid2:313733:6095:4> petelicki
PCS - Crates large-sized <kuid2:283523:60063:2> drstrach
PCS - Wood planks <kuid2:132952:141944:1> samplaire
PCS - Precast concrete <kuid2:132952:141943:1> samplaire
PCSM - Pallets with goods <kuid2:132952:131551:2> samplaire
SAM y25 bogey v6 <kuid2:132952:131304:1> samplaire
PCS - Wire coils <kuid2:132952:131248:2> samplaire
PCS - Steel beams <kuid2:132952:131214:5> samplaire
PCS - Containers 20ft+40ft PLO <kuid2:132952:101263:2> samplaire
PCS - Container 40ft PLO <kuid2:132952:101261:2> samplaire
PCS - Container 20ft PLO <kuid2:132952:101259:2> samplaire
PCS - Rails <kuid2:132952:101184:2> samplaire
PCS - Zastava 1100 <kuid2:102243:1119043:1> sony25
PCSM - Container 40ft <kuid2:95400:60021:1> camry2
PCSM - Container 20ft<kuid2:95400:60020:1> camry2
Cien 19.5m <kuid2:95400:60015:1> camry2
SAM Freight carriage bog sound <kuid:132952:131210> samplaire
Star 200 paka wojsko towar <kuid:102243:60006> sony25
Star 200 skrzynia wojsko towar <kuid:102243:60005> sony25
Star 29 wojsko towar <kuid:102243:60004> sony25
Star 29 osinobus wojsko towar <kuid:102243:60003> sony25
Star 29 skrzynia wojsko towar <kuid:102243:60002> sony25
Star 29 paka wojsko towar <kuid:102243:60001> sony25
Latarnia KP v1 <kuid2:438004:60004:1> qcyk85
Tarczka KP v1 <kuid2:438004:60003:1> qcyk85
latarnia KP v1 corona <kuid2:438004:21001:1> qcyk85

This content can use the next products:
PCS - Agriculture machinesPCS - Container 20ft PLOPCS - Container 40ft PLOPCS - Containers 20ft+40ft PLOPCS - Crates large-sizedPCS - Logs stack 2.7mPCS - Logs stack 4.2mPCSM - Container 20ft
PCSM - Container 40ftPCSM - Pallets with goodsPCS - Precast concretePCS - RailsPCS - Steel beamsPCS - Steel Slab 30 tonsPCS - Wire coilsPCS - Wood planks
PCS - Zastava 1100Star 29 osinobus wojsko towarStar 29 paka wojsko towarStar 29 skrzynia wojsko towarStar 29 wojsko towarStar 200 paka wojsko towarStar 200 skrzynia wojsko towar


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