PKP RES 424Z 091-0

This content was tested and the description by right of Trainz Simulator 2012.
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Kuid: <kuid2:309724:1012:2>
Author: adikson

Packet contains:
PCS - Agriculture machines<kuid2:438004:60019:2>qcyk85
PCS - Logs stack 4.2m<kuid2:438004:60018:2>qcyk85
PCS - Logs stack 2.7m<kuid2:438004:60017:2>qcyk85
PCS - Steel Slab 30 tons<kuid2:313733:6095:4>petelicki
PCS - Crates large-sized<kuid2:283523:60063:2>drstrach
PCS - Wood planks<kuid2:132952:141944:1>samplaire
PCS - Precast concrete<kuid2:132952:141943:1>samplaire
PCSM - Pallets with goods<kuid2:132952:131551:2>samplaire
SAM y25 bogey v6<kuid2:132952:131304:1>samplaire
PCS - Wire coils<kuid2:132952:131248:2>samplaire
PCS - Steel beams<kuid2:132952:131214:5>samplaire
PCS - Containers 20ft+40ft PLO<kuid2:132952:101263:2>samplaire
PCS - Container 40ft PLO<kuid2:132952:101261:2>samplaire
PCS - Container 20ft PLO<kuid2:132952:101259:2>samplaire
PCS - Rails<kuid2:132952:101184:2>samplaire
PCS - Zastava 1100<kuid2:102243:1119043:1>sony25
PCSM - Container 40ft<kuid2:95400:60021:1>camry2
PCSM - Container 20ft<kuid2:95400:60020:1>camry2
Cien 19.5m<kuid2:95400:60015:1>camry2
SAM Freight carriage bog sound<kuid:132952:131210>samplaire
Star 200 paka wojsko towar<kuid:102243:60006>sony25
Star 200 skrzynia wojsko towar<kuid:102243:60005>sony25
Star 29 wojsko towar<kuid:102243:60004>sony25
Star 29 osinobus wojsko towar<kuid:102243:60003>sony25
Star 29 skrzynia wojsko towar<kuid:102243:60002>sony25
Star 29 paka wojsko towar<kuid:102243:60001>sony25
Latarnia KP v1<kuid2:438004:60004:1>qcyk85
Tarczka KP v1<kuid2:438004:60003:1>qcyk85
latarnia KP v1 corona<kuid2:438004:21001:1>qcyk85

This content can use the next products:
PCS - Agriculture machines PCS - Container 20ft PLO PCS - Container 40ft PLO PCS - Containers 20ft+40ft PLO PCS - Crates large-sized PCS - Logs stack 2.7m PCS - Logs stack 4.2m PCSM - Container 20ft
PCSM - Container 40ft PCSM - Pallets with goods PCS - Precast concrete PCS - Rails PCS - Steel beams PCS - Steel Slab 30 tons PCS - Wire coils PCS - Wood planks
PCS - Zastava 1100 Star 29 osinobus wojsko towar Star 29 paka wojsko towar Star 29 skrzynia wojsko towar Star 29 wojsko towar Star 200 paka wojsko towar Star 200 skrzynia wojsko towar

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