ZSSKC Eas 5968-009-6 Čierna nad Tisou

This content was tested and the description by right of Trainz Simulator 2012. You can find the content on the following link:

Kuid: <kuid:837987:1008>
Author: sinpajz

Packet contains:
Kies <kuid:143205:20011> topae
y25 bogey <kuid:107750:50006> golfik
Scrap <kuid:86311:1772> zatovisualwork
Logs - Stack 6m long <kuid2:283523:60021:1> drstrach
default wagon <kuid:-25:42> auran
Tarczka KP v1 <kuid2:438004:60003:1> qcyk85
Latarnia KP v1 <kuid2:438004:60004:1> qcyk85
latarnia KP v1 corona <kuid2:438004:21001:1> qcyk85
Logs - Stack 4.2m long <kuid2:283523:60020:2> drstrach

For the proper working you must download the following contect from DLS:
Y25 bog sound <kuid:173943:300022> kilanziom

This content can use the next products:
Ballast Coal Kies Logs-stack 4.2m long Logs-stack 6m long Scrap Woodchips

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