Rollende Landstraße (Rola pack)

This content was tested and the description by right of Trainz Simulator 2012. You can find the content on the following link:

Packet contains:
HU_Kamion45 <kuid:241009:100496> leventeb
freight_car_enginespec <kuid2:107547:51002:1> zolinymusz
saadkms bogey <kuid:107547:50028> zolinymusz
OBB Saadkms End <kuid:107547:15028> zolinymusz
OBB Saadkms Midle <kuid:107547:15027> zolinymusz
OBB Saadkms Start <kuid:107547:15026> zolinymusz
MAV BSc 89-10 005-3 <kuid:107547:10000> zolinymusz
MAV RABA-OSZZSD Forgovaz <kuid:107547:50005> zolinymusz
zarjelzo <kuid:107547:60002> zolinymusz
corona red <kuid:107547:21003> zolinymusz
SAM Freight carriage bog sound TS <kuid2:132952:131210:11> samplaire
passenger_car_enginespec <kuid2:107547:51003:2>  zolinymusz
111A bogsoundv2 <kuid:367236:10191> kamil86

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