Class 66230 DB Cargo livery

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Kuid: <kuid:45317:106357>
Author: nexusdj

For the proper working you must download the following contect from DLS:
class 66 enginesounds (TS12) <kuid:45317:106822> nexusdj
Class 66 interior <kuid:79563:1245> rumour3
Class 66 Driver EWS/DBS <kuid:45317:106751> nexusdj
class 66 bogey2 <kuid:79563:1239> rumour3
class 66 bogey1 <kuid:79563:1238> rumour3
Reservoir hose (coupled) <kuid2:75134:15019:2> eldavo
Reservoir hose <kuid2:75134:15011:1> eldavo
UniCoupler (stowed) <kuid2:75134:15016:2> eldavo
UniCoupler (deployed) <kuid2:75134:15017:2> eldavo
Class 66 Horn Sound <kuid:104722:54066> wulf_9

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