NBS+ CD 111-022

This content was tested and the description by right of Trainz: A New Era. You can find the content on the following link:

Kuid: <kuid:388413:371017>
Author: laurinlaki

For the proper working you must download the following contect from DLS:
MPM VL80 Bogey Silent<kuid:172764:100081>masterpm724ltjt103
D3S Тифон и свисток Гранит<kuid:21971:900009>d3s
MP CD 210 pant<kuid2:517519:679159:1>yuz6099
MP CD 110 interior<kuid2:517519:1015:1>yuz6099
MP Skoda 163/263/363 enginesound<kuid2:517519:66258821:1>yuz6099
MP CD 111 bogey<kuid:517519:5595237>yuz6099
MP CD 210 enginespec<kuid2:517519:651380:2>yuz6099

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