DB 193 301-9 banner Das Ist Grun

This content was tested and the description by right of Trainz: A New Era. You can find the content on the following link:

Kuid: <kuid2:112698:193301:1>
Author: jeroen_bos

For the proper working you must download the following contect from DLS:
|CJ| Corona - Dimmed Headlight (Warm White)<kuid2:404575:1870201004:11>cj187
|CJ| German train script library<kuid2:404575:1870103001:13>cj187
|CJ| Corona - Endsignal (Red)<kuid2:404575:1870201001:11>cj187
|CJ| Siemens Vectron Bogeysound<kuid2:404575:1870406013:10>cj187
|CJ| Siemens Vectron Bogey<kuid2:404575:1870401013:13>cj187
|CJ| Corona - Full Headlight (Warm White)<kuid2:404575:1870201005:11>cj187
|CJ| Coupler-Library (Black)<kuid2:404575:1870104014:11>cj187
|CJ| DSA-200 Pantograph Black<kuid2:404575:1870104015:10>cj187
|CJ| Siemens Vectron Cab<kuid2:404575:1870402002:12>cj187
|CJ| Siemens Vectron Enginespec<kuid2:404575:1870405004:10>cj187
|CJ| Siemens Vectron Hornsound<kuid2:404575:1870406010:10>cj187
|CJ| Siemens Vectron Sound<kuid2:404575:1870406011:10>cj187

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