LNER Gresley D49/1 - Apple Green (early)

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Kuid: <kuid2:403746:1464:2>
Author: edh6

For the proper working you must download the following contect from DLS:
AJS Superscript Code Library<kuid2:122285:508:21>andi06
GCR 8F Tender Bogey Black<kuid:345264:101083>robd
LNER A3 Whistle Sound<kuid:403746:424>edh6
LMS loco headlamp<kuid2:116296:128:2>skipper1945
LNER D49 Front Bogie - Apple Green<kuid2:403746:1462:1>edh6
LNER D49 Names<kuid2:403746:1465:1>edh6
LNER D49/1 enginespec TS12 SP1+<kuid:248163:101479>2995valliant
LNER D49/1 Driving Bogie - Apple Green<kuid2:403746:1463:1>edh6
LNER ex-GCR Tender - Apple Green (later)<kuid2:403746:10019:1>edh6
LNER Gresley D49 Cabview - LNER Green<kuid2:403746:1482:1>edh6
Steam Engine Sound - 3 cylinder<kuid:206816:53005>p-dehnert
UK 3-axle Tender Enginespec<kuid:368699:50067>stovepipe
VR Coupler Mesh Library<kuid2:103475:60018:19>s301

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