PKP Sis 426S 144-8 st.Janikowo

This content was tested and the description by right of Trainz: A New Era. You can find the content on the following link:

Kuid: <kuid2:132952:101553:1>
Author: samplaire

Packet contains:
Cien 19.5m<kuid2:95400:60015:1>camry2
DB Train end sign<kuid:132952:151408>samplaire
SAM Freight carriage bog sound<kuid:132952:131210>samplaire
SAM y25 bogey v8<kuid2:132952:131545:2>samplaire
Tarcza konca pociagu v6<kuid2:95400:60004:1>camry2
Tarcza konca pociagu v8<kuid2:95400:60006:1>camry2

For the proper working you must download the following contect from DLS:
PCSM - Pallets with goods TS<kuid2:132952:131551:12>samplaire
Cien 19.5m<kuid2:95400:60015:10>camry2
PCS - Cement in bags TS<kuid2:165101:3006:11>zolwik_3005
PCS - Bricks TS<kuid2:283523:60062:11>drstrach
SAM P - Pallets Concrete bricks TS<kuid2:132952:101173:12>samplaire
PCS - Fertilizer in bags TS<kuid2:165101:3005:11>zolwik_3005
PCS - Wooden crates TS<kuid2:283523:60026:10>drstrach

This content can use the next products:
PCS - Bricks TS PCS - Cement in bags TS PCS - Fertilizer in bags TS PCSM - Pallets with goods TS PCS - Wooden crates TS SAM P Pallets Concrete bricks TS

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